Microsoft sucks

No computer user is a fan of microsoft. Their software freezes up for no reason, they haven't released an OS that works in 15 years, and their system searches for solutions to the problems it creates and never EVER finds the solution. Its time for this dinosaur to die or evolve, and I am guessing the former.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Apple evil too? Review of Ubuntu 11.4 Linux

We've all know that Microsoft Windows is an inferior product as an OS that doesn't stand up to macs or linux and that their only reason for still being business if from the residual effect of the 90's as everyone is super familiar with their OS and is used in most standard offices. But can the same be said perhaps about Macs?

I recently got a busted up laptop that had been running windows for about 2 years and needed a hard disk changed. I had my local computer fix it shot repair it and now just needed an operating system. A basement style hacker friend of mine recommended that I put Linux on it as its "a great OS to put on an old piece of sh(BBEEEP) computer" - to quote his words.

So I went to their website and downloaded the latest version of Ubunty, 11.4

After downloading the iso, I burnt it to a disk and then put the disk into the laptop, started it up. It installed pretty quickly and seemed to go without a hitch. The slide show that proceeded as the OS was loading onto the system mentioned that their is also a video editing tool that is now standard with Ubuntu just like GIMP is. I haven't checked it out yet but will certainly also review that after sampling.

Onwards with my Ubuntu 11.4 experience: The OS is lightning fast, which I obviously like. The whole system, however, is set up completely differently from anything I have seen before. It took me a little while to figure out how it all worked, but I must say that it is much more organized than a slob like me is used to. Its super fast, and multi-tasks very effectively.

Why is Ubuntu free? Why does Microsoft charge for their freezing-up software that barely works and Ubuntu doesn't cost? We all know the tale of how Linux is free and all, but MACs are also Linux based but are closed and only work with their own hardware. I dare to say that Linux Ubuntu 11.4 might not only be better than windows, but might even outshine MAC's in some areas of the market.

Problems with Ubuntu 11.4
I found a few issues after installing Ubuntu that might just be hardware issues on this old laptop, but here they are:
Had an issue connecting certain USB devices. I connected the mouse and had no problems, and connected a digital camera and had no problems, but then when I tried connected a cellular modem or my MP5 player, it would just not show them connected to the system. The best I could muster out of that USB cord was a power-charge to those devices, but unable to read them.

Overall I recommend Ubuntu for anyone that has an old computer or laptop that is just too painful to use windows on. As an alternative to windows that is free and that makes old PC's run ever-so-sweet, I highly recommend it. And quit using those crappy microsoft windows!

Bill Gates' Microsoft iPad - Cartoon Maze
ipad by bill gates microsoft
Editoral Cartoon Maze in Larger and Printable Format
Can't solve the maze? Click here for the maze solution
Editorial Cartoon Maze of Bill Gates telling his team of monkeys to make a microsoft version of the iPad.

I drew this cartoon in April of 2010, when the ipad was just coming out. It hilarious how now a year and half later (what took them so long) we actually do have some Microsoft tablets coming out and they indeed suck! I am no prophet, this was a no brainer prediction.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maze of Tornado Forming by Yonatan Frimer

Maze of Tornado Forming

forming tornado maze, the twisted and warped maze by Yonatan Frimer
Maze of a twisted and warped time-space.
This maze should be fairly easy for you to solve but if you can't,
then you can find the solution to the twisted and warped maze

Top Eleven Places to download the Twisted and Wraped Maze

  1. Tornado Twisted and Warped Maze on Devian Art
  2. Tornado Twisted and Warped Maze on Fine Art America
  3. Tornado Twisted and Warped Maze on Flickr
  4. Optical Illusion Mazes on Facebook
  5. Tornado Twisted and Warped Maze on TwitPic
  6. Tornado Twisted and WarpedMaze On Rossello Damiano
  7. Tornado Twisted and WarpedMaze on Photobucket
  8. Tornado Twisted and WarpedMaze on Saatchi Online
  9. Tornado Twisted and WarpedMaze on Live Journal
  10. Tornado Twisted and WarpedMaze on Picassa
  11. Tornado Twisted and Warped Maze on Red Bubble
  12. Twisted Tornado Maze on Blogger
  13. Tornado Twisted maze again on Blogger (de facto maze)
This maze is to celebrate the Coriolis effect and how it bends and warps space and time to redefine the concept of a straight line. The outward lines converge to a spinning vortex in the middle in a harmonic and majestic fashion. The maze winds through the design with entrances marked by arrows, as seen in the upper left corner, and exits, also marked by arrows, with a location based in the bottom right corner of the image. This maze is fairly trippy to solve and has a difficulty rating of 6.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Google VS Microsoft, Lesser of two evils?

Microsoft has a strong reputation of being a computer freezing machine. Too bad we can use microsoft to freeze "Global Warming" - that would be hilarious. The critical aspect of the operating system that microsoft markets as "Windows" still has code within it that originates from the 1980's.

Google is now coming out with Chromebooks and android and apple devices are cutting away large swaths of marketshare from the declining microsoft.

I have found some computers for sale without microsoft on them, as the market for users that can put on their own operating systems such as ubuntu and other linux operating systems.

Lets hope that google maintains their "Don't be Evil" mission statement and doesn't becoming like MS and force us to choose between evils.