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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nike Maze of Just Do It and Swoosh Ad, by Yonatan Frimer

Just Do It | Nike Campaign | Maze Ad

nike just do it maze psychedelic
Nike Maze | Just Do It | Maze Ads | Yonatan Frimer

CLICK image to view maze LARGER

Art sample of a Nike Ad for a project I am working on to explore the impact of using mazes for ads.

These ads where created for sample purpose only and have not been used in any actual campaign by Nike and do not represent their brand.

Top 11 Places to Download Nike "Just Do It" Maze Ads

  1. Picassa Web Just Do It Nike Maze
  2. Nike Just Do It Maze on Devian Art
  3. Maze of Nike Logo and Just Do It on Fine Art America
  4. Maze Of Just Do It Nike Swoosh on Flickr
  5. Nike Maze on Facebook Just Do It
  6. Maze of the Just Do It Nike on TwitPic
  7. Psychedelic Nike Maze Online
  8. Maze Psychedelic Nike Just Do It on Photobucket
  9. Nike Maze on Saatchi "Just Do It" Online
  10. Nike Maze on Live Journal
  11. Nike Maze on Blogger
And you Car Jacking Maze at the Source on Team Of Monkeys . COM

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