Microsoft sucks

No computer user is a fan of microsoft. Their software freezes up for no reason, they haven't released an OS that works in 15 years, and their system searches for solutions to the problems it creates and never EVER finds the solution. Its time for this dinosaur to die or evolve, and I am guessing the former.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Google VS Microsoft, Lesser of two evils?

Microsoft has a strong reputation of being a computer freezing machine. Too bad we can use microsoft to freeze "Global Warming" - that would be hilarious. The critical aspect of the operating system that microsoft markets as "Windows" still has code within it that originates from the 1980's.

Google is now coming out with Chromebooks and android and apple devices are cutting away large swaths of marketshare from the declining microsoft.

I have found some computers for sale without microsoft on them, as the market for users that can put on their own operating systems such as ubuntu and other linux operating systems.

Lets hope that google maintains their "Don't be Evil" mission statement and doesn't becoming like MS and force us to choose between evils.

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